Pricing Your Property Right

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It is important to understand that only the market determines the ultimate value of your home. Choosing the optimal list price is essential to maximizing your home’s value.

Pricing your home right the first time will result in:

  • more exposure,
  • more showings,
  • more offers
  • ultimately the highest price for your home

If you price too low, you risk not getting as much as you can for your property.

If you price too high you risk losing potential buyers who may think your property is out of their price range, and you help your competition sell faster.

Determining the OPTIMAL list price is in part simple math, but for the most part it is a strategic process that requires extensive market knowledge and research. An in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will tell you what similar properties have sold for recently, but to effectively price your property, it’s equally important to consider every similar home on the market to understand exactly what your competition is. In addition,
expertise in both the local and national market conditions is paramount to arriving at the optimal list price.

For your no-cost, no-obligation CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and opinion of value using our comprehensive pricing strategy, please contact us today!

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